What Makes You The Best?

We all want to have the best website out there, for some it’s the best design, others it’s the best content, and for a lucky few it’s the best product positioning. No matter what makes you the best, you need to be continuously improving. Without continuous improvement, you being the best will become you being on-par with the market.

It works both ways, even if you are just starting out. There is a constant flux of traffic within competitive sites in the market. Maybe a customer of a competitor is checking out your website just to see pricing differences – but in that split second instance when you have them on your turf, you need to make the most of it. The first 45 seconds that they are on your site tells almost the complete story of their interest and utmost your chances at acquiring them.

You may only have one shot at swaying those on-the-fence customers to come your way. By visiting they are already showing some interest. But what you need to do is convert. Converting makes that visitor into a customer. But conversion doesn’t have to be instantaneous, nor black and white. If they do not buy from you the first time on your site, don’t fret. It’s a variable that doesn’t necessarily only get one chance. The ONLY thing that matters is that you have positively impacted the user with your website experience. You want to be in there recall, and want to set your site up for success on the next time around.

Some examples of a GREAT first interaction:

  • A newsletter signup or registration
  • Multiple pages viewed per session for new users
  • Time on site greater than 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Scrolling stats greater than 50% on each page
  • Product views, with time on page greater than 45 seconds

If they are organic traffic, that’s amazing, if its a direct referral then they may have already heard of you. If it’s a competitor’s client then they may be evaluating the alternatives. You have to figure out the motive for the user and position your funnel to match up best with their stage in the decision making process.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help and have a strong passion for improving the quality of the web for generations to come.