Nowadays, having a website is the status quo. Companies realize that if they don’t have a website, they’re at a significant disadvantage. What they don’t realize, is that their website is not being used to its full potential. It’s one thing to have a website, yet it’s a completely different beast to have a powerful lead generating website where users are constantly interacting and engaging with your brand. The difference between the top ten websites in the world and just having a good site, is these brands understand what their users want.

Understanding Your Users

  • Why is a visitor coming to my site?
  • What value does my site provide them?
  • Would I visit this site?
  • It is trustworthy, how?
  • What does the user want to accomplish?
  • What do we want the user to accomplish?

Don’t just be satisfied with one answer for each question. We challenge you to come up with 2-3 answers or personas explaining the mutually beneficial experience of a visitor coming to your website. Remember that you are both getting value from the interaction.

Sit down and think about your site, see where it takes you. Start high level and filter down – here are a few examples:

Is your site informative?

What information is the user trying to get from your site? Can they get this elsewhere? What is unique about your content? Is it shareable? Is it relevant? Are you posting frequently? Too frequently? Are they coming back again and again to your site as a trusted source?

If there is any sign of a negative response to these questions, filter down to try and find a solution. If you are not getting enough recurring visitors, then maybe it’s your content, maybe you should create a weekly update straight to their inbox, maybe you should encourage them to share and refer others to your site. The possibilities to find a solution are endless, but first you have to diagnose the problem.

If you are more of an analytical thinker, use an analytical approach.

Are you trying to sell a product?

If so, are you slamming it down their throat and scaring them away? Do they want to buy your product when they reach it or do you have to inform them about your offerings? Are people just browsing the options or are they on a mission to buy? When you visit there’s an extremely high chance that you are intending to make a purchase.

Figure out your user’s intentions, and make it a reality. Craft your site to them, find out what they are looking for and improve your site to reach tipping point where a visitor becomes a customer, a prospect or merely gives you their email to follow up. Once they trust you and show interest, the ball is in your court to follow up and convert them, not just for one purchase – but for a lifelong, mutually beneficial relationship where they are gaining value from your company and you are receiving a strong brand advocate.

Once you understand what your users are looking for, you can correct and adapt to create more value on both ends. You may not be sure what messaging to use, images, call to actions or content that actually impacts your users to engage with your site. Then again, how are you expected to know exactly what your users want the first time around? That is why we created VC Splitter – to help track what works with your customers and automatically adapt your website to discover your users intentions and increase value in the mutually beneficial relationship of a website interaction.

If you are having issues diagnosing your site issues, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help and have a strong passion for improving the quality of the web for generations to come.