From 47% to 0.31%

No matter the size of your company, A/B testing and Website Optimization should be incorporated in your web development and marketing efforts. According to BuiltWith, over 4,700 of the top 10,000 websites are conducting testing or some form of website optimization. If you zoom out to the top 1 Million websites, this drops to 8.1%, and if you zoom out even further, it becomes a mere 0.31% of the entire internet.

A/B Testing your content can improve the quality of your website, by determining what your actual visitors prefer, in a subtle yet effective manner. The end results will improve the web user experience of your viewers and can significantly increase your conversion rates for more sales, more signups and more leads.

If you have Visual Composer and want an easy and affordable way to A/B Test, check out our friends at VC Splitter.

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